I'm worried about someone

Click on the statement that describes your situation: I’m worried about someone in the UK If you are worried that somebody you know might be forced into marriage, you can call the Forced Marriage Unit on their behalf:020 7008 0151: open from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. If you are low on credit, they can call you back.If they are closed, call the Foreign Office Response Centre: 020 7008 1500. It might take a while to get through, but keep trying.IF SOMEONE IS IN IMMEDIATE DANGER, CALL THE POLICE ON 999Often, people who are being forced into marriage can’t talk about what’s happening to them. Emotional pressure from their family might stop them from saying anything to anyone else. The lack of control over their own decisions can lead them to depression and self-harm. Please check the Warning Signs Chart on the right of this page to find out more.It is never too late for someone to start their life again. If you know someone who is already in a forced marriage and wants to get out but feels in danger, contact the Forced Marriage Unit on 020 7008 0151If you are a teacher and worried about a pupil you can download the following PDFs for more information: PDF: DCSF Stop Forced Marriages: How you can Help posterSize 855k
Type pdfPDF: DfEE Sex and Relationship Education Guide – Curriculum and StandardsSize 183k
Type pdf I’m worried about someone who’s abroad If you are worried about a British national who is abroad, call the Forced Marriage Unit: 020 7008 0151You can also call the British Embassy or High Commission of the country they are in, who will work with the FMU in Britain to try and get them home safely: click here for a link to all British Embassies abroad.It will help if you can provide:

  • the person’s name
  • details of where the person is
  • flight details
  • passport details
  • when you last heard from them
  • when they are/were due back

I’m worried about someone who’s going abroad If the person has not gone away yet and you are worried that they will be in danger when they do, contact the Forced Marriage Unit (020 7008 0151) who can advise you. They might be able to find a way of staying in the UK safely.If they do end up going abroad, try to get as many of the following details from them before they leave:

  • copy of their passport
  • flight details
  • details of where they will be staying

When you know where they will be staying, find the number of the closed British Embassy or High Commission. If they are in trouble or do not return when expected, contact the FMU or the British Embassy/High Commission who can try to help them return safely.

Warning Signs

  • Education
    • Truancy
    • Low Motivation
    • Lack of Punctuality
    • Poor exam results
    • Absent from school

    I have been offered a place at University, but my parents won’t let me go

  • Health
    • Self Harm
    • Depression
    • Isolation
    • Attempted Suicide
    • Eating Disorders

    My sister was married at sixteen, she didn’t want to and she’s never been happy

  • Family History
    • Brother/Sisters forced to marry
    • Family disputes
    • Runaways
    • House arrest

    The good thing about school is that my father isn’t watching over me the whole time

  • Police Involvement
    • Brothers/sisters reported missing
    • Domestic violence
    • Substance misuse

    I hate holidays because I’m not allowed out, so I can’t see my friends.

  • Employment
    • Poor performance
    • Poor attendance
    • Not allowed to work
    • Financial control (i.e. wages taken)

    I mustn’t be seen talking to the pastoral teacher because my brother might see and tell my parents