Does A Mail Order Bride Get Married For Love Or By Force?

These days, the lazy have no idea about mail-order brides. Many have heard, but not everyone understands how it works and often feels sorry for gorgeous ladies who have decided to marry foreigners and move in with them. Lots of unaware people confuse it with forced marriage. Let’s find out how the mail order bride industry works and how it differs from forced marriage!

What is a forced marriage?

A forced marriage is when a bride and groom enter into a family union against their will and are forced by their parents or family. First of all, girls and young women in such cases often can’t even finish school and don’t get an education. They become pregnant at an early age and depend entirely on their husbands.

In forced marriages, females are under massive physical and psychological pressure. Often, under the pretext of visiting relatives, young ladies are sent on vacation to their parents’ homeland, where their future husbands are already waiting for them.

It would seem that in the 21st century, when people are fighting for human rights, forced marriages are out of the question, but in practice, they’re not. Until now, there are a number of countries where forced marriage is the norm, and the younger generation even can’t think of defying their parents’ will. Such weddings are most common in Arab countries, but you can also find cases in civilized countries when merging the capital of 2 families is a question.

In practice, it’s hard to draw a clear line between forced marriages and arranged marriages, which don’t break the law and correspond to the cultural traditions of many countries.

Marriages with mail order wives

Having known some preliminary information about forced marriages, it’s time to deal with mail order brides. What are mail order brides? These are girls willing to meet foreign suitors. Thus, they create and start chatting with men on international dating sites.

If a man and woman like each other, they may keep daily conversation actively, visit each other’s countries, and build a long-distance relationship, which often ends in marriage. Everything happens by mutual consent, and no one is forced to get married.

Some may be confused by the phrase “buy a mail order bride,” raising a lot of questions. But relax! No one is getting anyone for their own personal use. Buying refers to paying for various services related to dating, such as using the website services, gifts, buying tickets, visas, etc. But when you spend money on the bride, you can’t be sure that she’ll stay with you forever. If something goes wrong in your relationship, beautiful brides can leave you.

Why do girls look for foreign husbands?

Every girl has her own reasons for looking for an overseas guy. Let’s look at a few of them!

  • Love. Not always, foreign girls have mercenary motives. Lots of ladies really fall in love with their companions on the dating website and are ready to go to the edge of the world for their chosen one.
  • Desire to escape poverty. Some women live in poor-developed countries and are eager to start life from scratch in another country. These girls usually make good wives and mothers and are hardworking and goal-oriented.
  • Loyal attitude of foreign men to women. Many mail-order brides note that men in their countries prefer to dominate women in relationships. The same attitude is shown at work as it’s not a secret that men hold the most management positions in some countries.
  • Chance to take care of home and kids. Foreigners in developed countries earn much more than men in some Latin and Asian countries, so there’s no need for women for marriage to earn money.
  • Desire to fulfill themselves professionally. In addition, the procedure for emigrating by marriage is much easier, which allows foreign ladies to get on their feet more quickly abroad.
  • Good attitude of foreigners to kids. Many ladies marry foreigners when they have children from previous relationships; in Western countries, that’s quite normal.

Where to find mail order bride?

You’re unlikely to find foreign brides in your city ready to change their usual ways of life and marry you. As a rule, girls come to another country to see places of interest, study, or on business trips. There are high chances that their husbands or boyfriends are waiting for them at home, so you’ll have to chase foreign women for a long time until you find the right one. So let’s look at the most effective ways to find a mail order bride!

Dating platforms

There are hundreds of international sites focusing on overseas women for marriage. All you need to do is pick a popular and reputable site, fill out a profile and buy a subscription, as most platforms have limited features for free users. You can find foreign brides and start chatting in just a few clicks.

Matchmaking agencies

These are agencies having hundreds of beautiful brides willing to meet foreign singles. How do they differ from online dating sites? You’ll have a manager to deal with the selection of brides for you and organize a trip when you’re going to your beloved. So you can save a lot of time and nerves, but you’ll have to pay a pretty penny.

How much does a mail order bride marriage cost?

The price of a mail order bride can’t be calculated precisely. After all, many factors affect it, like the cost of dating site services, your bride’s location, et. On average, you can spend on your foreign wife from $5,000 to $10,000 without wedding expenses. That includes purchasing a dating site membership, gifts, travel to your sweetheart, accommodation rent, in-country transportation, meals, entertainment, and even visa costs for your bride if you invite her to visit your place.

The wedding will have to be spent separately. If you’re eager to celebrate this day in the U.S., it’ll cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $35,000. However, you can save money if your wife is from Latin America. For example, in a small Mexican town, a decent ceremony might cost about $8,000.

Marrying a mail order bride isn’t a forced marriage. If you don’t like each other or don’t match on some parameters, you can keep looking for your soulmate. There are tens of thousands of profiles on dating platforms, and you’re sure to find a girl who will reciprocate your love!